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March 22 2017

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Janiece Dilone, Aamito Lagum, and Imaan Hammam behind the scenes of Allure Magazine

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neapolitan pups

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Happy Birthday Agnes Martin and Yayoi Kusama!

Both pioneering artists, both born on this day, and both featured in MoMA’s newest free online course, “In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting.” It wasn’t easy for these women to make a place for themselves in the male-dominated postwar New York art world. But they persisted—with Kusama claiming that she wanted nothing less than to “start a new art movement”—and became some of the foremost artists of their day. Enroll today to learn about the materials, techniques, and approaches of Martin, Kusama, and five other New York School artists. Sign up at mo.ma/coursera today!

[Agnes Martin. With My Back to the World. 1997. Synthetic polymer paint on canvas, six panels. Fractional and promised gift of Michael and Judy Ovitz. © 2017 Estate of Agnes Martin/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York; Yayoi Kusama. Accumulation. 1952. Ink on paperboard. The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection Gift (purchase, and gift, in part, of The Eileen and Michael Cohen Collection). © 2017 Yayoi Kusama]

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Rachel Weisz, 1990′s

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