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February 18 2016

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keep plants close
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I’m getting more ambitious with my plant witch gifs!

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me after finals

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some tinder bios never cease to impress me

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Lake Kaindy is a 400 meter long lake located in Kazakhstan. It reaches depths near 30 meters in some areas of the lake. This beautiful lake was the result of a limestone landslide which was triggered by the 1911 Kebin earthquake. The lake is famous for the submerged forest and the trees that rise from the lake. The water is cold enough that thee pines still remain on the trees. Due to the clear mountain water, it is possible to see into the depths of the lake.

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Francis Bacon’s Studio at The Hugh Lane Gallery

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that one time on Hotel Hell when Gordon Ramsay fed the owner’s dog some shitty bread and then was afraid he killed her

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Saul Steinberg

 "Kiss", 1959

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colorful gradient 28227

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Book Covers  ⇒  Les Misérables

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“Now You See Me 2” really dropped the ball when they didn’t call it “Now You Don’t”.

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